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Repeating what Barry’s letter stated:

Barry reported that I had said to him in a very loud irate voice: “You are no chief engineer and I do not respect you or your opinion.”

Below is a partial transcript of the actual conversation above:

JB:       That’s your view of what is best
BD:     Absolutely, as your Chief Engineer.
JB:       Well, I don’t know about Chief Engineer, umm – but, I do know about, I do know about equipment.  Umm and I do know about bidding

Background of conversation (regarding elevator improvement project):

Bagby was initially the only proposal Barry bought to the Board with a bid of $243,396.  The Board then requested additional bids.  Only after they learned there was competition did Bagby change the bid to $190,956 a reduction of $52,440.  That was the only change on the document, everything else was the same, even the date.  At that point I became a little distrustful of Bagby, because it looked to me as if they thought they had the Breakers’ number.

On July 17th we had a meeting to review the three bids for our elevator upgrade comparison.  At this point the highest bidder was Bagby at $190,956 and the lowest bid was Affinity at $145,600.

Both are proposing the exact same parts and work to the nut and bolt.   The third company, Mowrey submitted a bid of $159,000, $13,400 higher than Affinity.  We had a quality check of Affinity, the $45,356 savings seemed to me the obvious choice.  If not Affinity why not Mowrey?  But Barry would only pitch Bagby, and that is when the conversation recorded above occurred.

Thank you for reading and taking time to listen and read the facts.

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